SweetTpieS Dessert Studio

{Cake is Love~Eat it Up}

the ChocoHolics                                               ♥Denotes a Best-Seller


♥Turtle CheeseCake: Dk Chocolate Cake, STUFFED with CheeseCake, Chocolate Buttercreammm, Caramel Drizzle, MORE CheeseCake,  Pecan

♥Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough: Dark Chocolate Cake, STUFFED with Choc Chip Cookie Dough, Choc Buttercreammm, Chocolate Chips

Heartache Healer:  Dk Choc Cake, STUFFED w/Choc Mousse, Choc Buttercreammm, Choc Drizzle, Red Candy Heart

Rocky Road Dark Chocolate Cake STUFFED with Caramel and Marshmallow, Chocolate Buttercreammm, Peanuts, Marshmallows, Chocolate Drizzle

STUFFED Red Velvet Red Velvet Cake STUFFED with CheeseCake, Cream Cheese Frosting, Cake Sprinkles


Swivel Hips (ELVIS): Dark Chocolate Cake, STUFFED! with Banana Mousse, Choc Buttercreammm, PB Buttercreammm, PB Chips, Banana Chip

 OREO: Dark Chocolate Cake, STUFFED! with Cream Cheese Filling, OREO Buttercreammm, OREO Cookie

♥Reese's:  Dark Chocolate Cake STUFFED! with a Reese's PB Cup, PB Buttercreammm, Topped with a Reese's cup!

the ButterFinger:  Dark Choolate Cake STUFFED! with Chocolate Ganache, ButterFinger Buttercreammm, Chocolate Ganache and ButterFinger Chunk!