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Packet PIckup is in the Bakery from 9-6 on Thursday, March 27 and 9-5 on Friday, March 28.   See you on race day Saturday, March 29!!


THE TEE SHIRT DEADLINE HAS BEEN EXTENDED UNTIL MARCH 19th.  GET REGISTERED BY MARCH 19th TO BE GUARANTEED A TEE SHIRT!  To Register ONLINE go to www.OneStopRace.com OR you may mail in your registration form Below to SweetTpieS Dessert Studio, 102 S. 2nd St, Festus, MO 63028. Get your business Involved!  Sponsorship form below!  Be sure to check out the Facebook Page "Sweetest Race in Town for Kids of ALL Ages"


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First Annual 5K CupCake Run - March 2, 2013

Overwhelming Amazement!  Those are just 2 words that pop into my head when I think about this day.

I knew when I opened my doors in August of 2011, that I eventually wanted to host a 5K Run with CupCakes similar to the Donut Bike Rides I had read about.  What wild fun it would be for a community to come together, run a 5K, AND get to eat CupCakes at the same time???

So, a few days before I got on a plane to go visit my daughter in Florida I hurried over to the Parks Dept Board meeting and asked permission.  I was elated!  SweetTpieS was actually going to host a little 50 participant CupCake run in the little town of Festus! Yay!  I had a short little impromptu meeting at the park with about 4 others.  Nikki of Pinkstar Photography was there and immediately offered to be our OFFICIAL Race Day Photographer.  I quickly put together a registration form and Malissa from Inspired Print Media (formerly Crystal Copy) donated several copies.

Once I contracted a tabulating company and sent them a deposit, it became really REAL, but all the Weddings and Holidays were coming in the Bakery and I couldn't really put much effort into this until the Bridal Fair was over late January. 

I asked for volunteers and WOW! we got the most amazing people!  Started having short little meetings at the Bakery every 2 weeks and BAM!  INSTANT TEAM!

Michelle Menley, my Radio Lady immediately jumped on the bandwagon with this and together we decided the money would be most needed by the kids at the Children's Advocacy Center, which is a division of COMTREA and services the WHOLE state of Missouri.  So, KJFF of Fests and J98 of Farmington quickly became a Sponsor and Great Advocate of the run.  I heard Mark Toti every morning talking about the run on the radio.  Soon after, Bev Larson, who is just an amazing woman, with Shop & Save stores got on the horn and Shop & Save became our other major sponsor donating ALL the bottled water for our runners as well as some NIFTY swag bags and awesome trinkets for them.  Jen Guffey of Prudential Select Real Estate quickly became a Sponsor and Runner as well.  Laurie Hollenberg with Boy Scout troop 426 came to all the meetings and they would provide cups of water for our runners at the half way point, as well as a Flag Ceremony to Start.  Jodi Warren came to see me for some cupcakes and when we started talking about the run she had the great idea to have Survival Flight bring the Helicopter, land it on the soccer field for the kids... ARE YOU KIDDING ME??  I was so excited!

I started drawing out my ideas for the tee shirts.  Robby Larson and Chad Buehner of Custom Shirt Graphics in Arnold had to deal with me and my constant emails and OCD of tweaking everything.  They did an amazing job printing well over 600 shirts for us in a day.  Deane Hartsell from Comfort Inn in Festus sent me a message and let me know if we have any out of town runners they could have a reduced room rate....we wouldn't need this, I thought.  I thought wrong.  We had runners from Ft. Leonard Wood, MO,  Labadie, MO,  Alton, IL, Belleville, IL, St. Charles, MO.....Baltimore MD, Destin, FL.  Windy Doza got on the phone and within minutes told me we would have not only the Crystal City Fire Truck there but the Festus Fire truck as well!!  My goodness, I was getting a little overwhelmed.  Excited and happy, no doubt.  John Neff with Survival Flight came to discuss where we would land the Helicopter and he quickly got Joachim-Plattin Ambulance on board and they came on Race Day as added protection for the runners.  Wow!

Angela Hutti from Fox2News sent me a message via Facebook and asked if I would come up on a Sunday morning to promote the run.  I  went on February 10th, 4 days prior to Valentine's Day.  (Valentine's Day is Christmas to a Bakery)  In pouring down rain, we packed all we could fit in the truck and created a display....this was wild fun!  Angela Hutti and Andy Banker are AWESOME!

Tony Palazzolo with Lionhardt Communications came to see me and offered the idea of a Race Day video put on DVD for the runners.  This was awesome.   Nathan Reese and Dustin Clark volunteered to sing the National Anthem for us and Scott Luhrs offered to say Prayer for our Runners and Walkers.

Wehner's Awards quickly designed a prototype medal, which was earned by runners and walkers alike just for crossing the finish line.  Trophies were designed for our Top Three Male and Top Three Female OVERALL FINISHERS.  Wehner's did a fab job with these! 

I offered 5 CupCake Stations up for Sponsorship to help raise money for our cause.  The Station Sponsors could Decorate their station and promote their business how they like, but they had to WORK the stations. SweetTpieS provided the Big and Little CupCakes for the Runners but the Station Sponsors and Volunteers took care of motivating our runners, feeding them cupcakes, and marking their hands with a 5 or a 2 depending upon which size cupcake they devoured.  Craig Velasco and VISION ELECTRIC from St. Charles was the first to step up and Sponsor a station, not really even knowing what they were getting into.  Soon after, Gary McCain with MCCAINS COLLISION from Bloomsdale came to see me and sponsored our number 2 CupCake Station.  YAY!  The Bridal Fair came and Ray from FUN-TYME LIMO in Arnold came and visited our booth and we began a conversation about the run and that following week they stepped up and Sponsored a Station!  Woo HOO!  Shortly after that, Krystal O'Harver contacted me via Facebook and O'DAISY SALON AND SPA in Arnold became our 4th Station Sponsor. AND, a Vendor Sponsor!  Woo Hoooo we have 4 Station Sponsors at this point!  We never did get a 5th, but that's OK, this was our first and I was happy to get that.   We offered Vendors a sponsorship so they could sell at the Run, we had Lynn Blaylock from Pampered Chef, Jen Bradshaw with Scentsy, Mollie and Brent Reeder of Brent's Outdoor Solutions, Welk Resorts of Branson, Jodi Barbagallo from Thirty-One, Kandice Epperson of Creative Decals, and Charity Heacock and Dana Stokes of ItWorks, and Warrior Cross Fit of Festus!  Trisssa Douthitt and Taylor Cosma set up Shop with SweetTpieS Dessert Studio where they sold CupCakes, Cookies, Cake Lollipops, Chocolate Bacon and Milk.   

At the point of our first meeting I think we had barely 100 participants.  This was when I opened my big mouth and told everyone if they got us 200 runners I would not only dress as a giant cupcake, but I would also run the entire 5K as a giant cupcake.  Approximately 2 weeks later, my creative mother was researching CupCake Costumes.  So, thanks to Vicky Kennon I had a most fashionable CupCake to wear, made from a laundry basket.  And, a nice big Glittery Cherry on my head.  Well, when the tabulating company closed out Registration on February 27th we had 471 participants; runners and walkers combined.

1 Day prior to the Run, I acquired the keys to the park.  YAY!  Only to find out these keys do not unlock the bathrooms nor would they be unlocked because of winterization.  PANIC - we were having packet pickup ALL DAY in the Bakery and I really didn't know how I was going to cover this, so I made a phone call to a portable restroom company only to get a voicemail.  Left one, but I needed this taken care of immediately.  Michelle Menley sent me a text, said she was off that day and could help.  I informed her we had no bathrooms and at this point I'm expecting to have no less than 1000 people in the park.  She contacted Randy O'Neail of O'Neail's Septic Service and BAM! we had at least a dozen, brand spanking new, flushables THAT NIGHT!!  We were ready for race day.

Race Day came.  We woke up to 25 degrees and light snow. It was dark and COLD when I met Big River Running at the gate at 5:40am that morning.  My dad, Tim Kennon immediately went on as GateKeeper, with no relief I may add.  My sis in law, Christina Kennon, friends Beth Hudson and Susan Swim immediately stepped in as Volunteer Help.  We walked up to an ice covered pavilion, both on the floor and all the tables we needed to use.  We had a torpedo heater to plug into the pavilion to melt the ice, YAY!  However, there was no electric turned on.  By the time I made contact with someone and got this taken care of Runners were arriving.  Many runners were arriving. 

We had OVER 500 Participants in our FIRST ANNUAL 5K CupCake Run and we, as a WHOLE TEAM are proud of the fact we are able to donate $6,600.00 to the Children's Advocacy Center/COMTREA in Jefferson County, MO.  There are some great pictures of the run on the Facebook Pages of Pinkstar Photography and the race page Sweetest Race in Town.  I hope to see you ALL there next year when we work for Kade's Playground in Herculaneum, MO!  You can visit their website or Facebook Page to learn more!



2014 Donor Recipient - Kade's Playground

Who Kade was, and Why the NEED for the Playground?

Kade was a little boy that had more than his fair share of obstacles to overcome.  At 5 months of age Kade started having seizures.  After spending nearly a month in St Louis Children's Hospital his family quickly realized he would have a tough road ahead of him.  


His first hospital stay resulted in diagnoses of Epilepsy and Hypotonia.  Within a few months an additional diagnosis of Cortical Vision Impairment was given.  Even though Kade received several hours of PT and OT a week, his muscles would not support him.  Kade's family was able to aquire a wheelchair for him, but even with a wheelchair it was difficult to take Kade to places like playgrounds.


Kade was granted a wish from Make-a-Wish of Missouri, he and his family went to Disney World.  While on the trip they were able to stay at a resort that had an accessible playground.  This was the first time that Kade and his brother were able to swing and play on a playground together.


Shortly after their trip Kade's dad reached out to Natalie Blakemore from Unlimited Play to see if something could be built in Jefferson County.  Natalie was willing to assist with the installation of a high back accessible swing in one of the city parks.  Kade's dad tried to reach out to city leaders of their town, but they refused to entertain the idea.*


In October of 2011 Kade passed away in his sleep at the age of 3 1/2.  In August of 2011 it was announced that Unlimited Play and the City of Herculaneum would be working together to bring an accessible playground to the area.  Immediately Kade's family jumped on board and made it clear that they would help in any way possible.


On October 13, 2012 the name of the playground was revealed.  In what was a total surprise to Kade's family, Unlimited Play and the City of Herculaneum announced that the playground would be named "Kade's Playground".


*Note - this was NOT the City of Herculaneum.