SweetTpieS Dessert Studio

{Cake is Love~Eat it Up}

CupCake CockTails!                                       ♥Denotes a Best-Seller

CupCake CockTails are sold as walk-ins for $3.50 each

Pre-Ordered by the Dozen per flavor, $40/Dozen 



Beer Bash:  Dk Chocolate Beer Cake, Beer Buttercreammm, Crushed Pretzels



Jack'D UP Reds :  Red Velvet Cake infused with Jack Daniels, JD Buttercreammm!


Old-Fashioned: Whisky infused Orange Cake, Orange-Whiskey Buttercreammm


Pierced Fuzzy Navel: Orange Cake infused with Peach Schnapps, Orange Vodka Buttercreammm


♥Margaritas: Lime Cake infused w/Tequila, Tequila Lime Buttercreammm, Salted Rim

Strawberry Daiquiri: Strawberry Cake infused with Rum, Strawberry Vodka Buttercreammm, Lime Wedge

♥MudSlides:  Dk Chocolate Cake infused with Rum, Salted Caramel fill, Chocolate Coffee Liquer Buttercreammm

Pina Colada:  Pineapple Rum Cake, Coco Rum Buttercreammm, Cherry

Mimosa:  Orange Cake infused with Champagne, Champagne Buttercreammm


Irish Car Bomb: Dk Chocolate Cake infused with Guinness Beer, Baileys Buttercreammm,


Tiramisu: Vanilla Cake infused with Brandy, Coffee Liquer Buttercreammm, Cocoa Dust


Purple Hooter: 

"SMASHED" Turtles:  Dk Choclate Cake infused with Caramel Vodka, Chocolate Rum ButterCreammm, Topped with Our own Turtle Candy 

White Russians: 


♥Dirty Monkey: Banana Cake infused with Rum, Chocolate Kahlua Buttercreammm, Dk Chocolate disk and Banana Chip, Dk Choc. Cocoa Dusting  



JagerBomb! : White Chocolate Cake infused with Jagermeister, Topped with Beer Buttercreammm!